About US

Apiphon Trading Company Limited is a distributor of plastic casters, furniture parts and other relative equipments.Our highest priority is committing to supply quality products and many other product categories to meet your requirements. We endavored to offer best price and ensuring maximum satisfaction for all clients and business partners. Rest assured with us, we have responsive consultation team at your most convenience time to provide you with assistance in regards to sales enquiry or technical support. The company is honored to provide services to all businesses. We sincerely hope that we will be one your future successes. 


All prices for each item are retail price. For wholesale price please contact us.

Making order is easy...

  1. Pick an item and drop in basket 
  2. Register an account
  3. Insert your details and delivery address
  4. Confrim your order and make payment

*For clients who interested to purchase in bulk volume, please contact us directly for special price. All price shown are retail price only.


Step on how to confirm payment

Customers can make payment instantly without having us to confirm the payment. Please make payment within two days after order has been made.

  1. Report a confrim payment via link below 
  2. Email to contact@apiphontrading.co.th
  3. Line ID : apiphontrading
* Remember to attach a copy of your completed payment transaction.


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